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Orignal post by Taya @ Panmure Bridge School

I learnt about an topic called the organ and made an quiz about it.

First My team and I made an plan, We had to write down the detailed information for example “Who uses the organ” or “why was the organ made” and the collate information for example “The organ was made in the 3rd century BC but why?”. Me and my team also had to write down who makes what therefore one of my team members cant do nothing.

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Learning Space 1 is proud to present PokeBlade as one of our entries into the 2022 Manaiakalani Film Festival. PokeBlade is a parody (see below) of Pokemon and BeyBlade, two popular franchises among children.

The students who helped create this film had some great ideas, and were all enthusiastic about creating the film. We began with a proper writing and storyboarding process, but due to weather we ended up rushing towards the end.

What is a parody? A parody is a play on something, like making fun of something because it is so popular. In the PokeBlade story, we used many tropes from both anime and the “bully” trope that is common in many children’s action shows. Yes, that means this movie is a complete work of fiction that does not represent the values or students of Panmure Bridge School.


Original post by Densyn @ Panmure Bridge School

I learned synthesising. Synthesizing is using my prior knowledge to information that I have found out about.

First I learned what synthesising means. We watched a video about The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. In the story it tells about the three brothers wanting to cross the bridge to go to the other side. They all agreed to go to the other side, it had lots of grass to eat.

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Original Post by Bethany @ Panmure Bridge School.

I learned what a skit is.

First I came up with a brainstorm about morals. We wrote morals like Never judge a book by its cover, Stay safe online, and many more. Morals are short sentences that tells lessons. For ex: ‘Once a wolf always a wolf’ is a moral and it tell a lesson. That means, once evil is always evil. The lesson we choose is Stay safe online.

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Processed Food

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I learnt how to evaluate processed food.

First I read 7 articles about processed food and obesity. I read the 7 articles, so I can have more important information for my slide 1 and slide 2. The slide 1 was about processed food being bad and slide 2 ways that processed food is good.

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Ronga For The Land

Origanal Post @ Ahli Panmure Bridge School 


My group and I presented about a text called Rongoa for the land. We presented to practise the skills we learnt from this term which were inference and scanning. We also presented to get confident at speaking publicly .

First we talked about what rongoa means and about the plan the people came up with. Rongoa means medience. The people who owns taiporutu came up with a plan to restore their whenua.

Next I talk about what taiporutu was, before the plan called ahikaaroa. I need to improve on making eyecontact with the audiences.

Lastly we finished presenting we got our score. Our score was: Achieved because we got achieved on information and performance. We got achieved on information because remembered to add text details, 3 summarised main points, at least 2 must be correct ,and what our group thought of the topic. We got achieved on performance because we remember to speak at least  two audible sentences, eye contact with the audience at least twice, and standing still.

I enjoyed this because I presented a text called Rongoa for the land. Our group needs to improve on check the rubric while we do our slide deck. We did well on speaking audible sentences to the audience.