Learning Space 1 is proud to present PokeBlade as one of our entries into the 2022 Manaiakalani Film Festival. PokeBlade is a parody (see below) of Pokemon and BeyBlade, two popular franchises among children.

The students who helped create this film had some great ideas, and were all enthusiastic about creating the film. We began with a proper writing and storyboarding process, but due to weather we ended up rushing towards the end.

What is a parody? A parody is a play on something, like making fun of something because it is so popular. In the PokeBlade story, we used many tropes from both anime and the “bully” trope that is common in many children’s action shows. Yes, that means this movie is a complete work of fiction that does not represent the values or students of Panmure Bridge School.

80 thoughts on “PokeBlade

    1. Kia Ora LS1

      What a great and creative short film you have creative. I enjoyed how you have combined 2 enjoyable games to come up with an movie idea. My favourite part was when Riley formed into David by training. It also has a good motto. What is the powerest form in Pokemon?

    2. Hello Room 23 and Miss Carruthers

      Thank you very much for your comment and feedback. The inspiration for our film was based on the favourite toy and anime franchises that students in our class had. There were two big camps, so the two ideas were merged.

      The writing team took the idea and wrote the story themselves. The movie is not actually intentially about bullying, as I mentioned in the blog post. Mr Wong just missed the line when he proof read the script. We had to go with it because we were running out of time to be honest.

      I have left a comment on your movie. Thank you for introducing it to me.

      Mr Wong

  1. Kia Ora panmure bridge school I enjoyed your beautiful movie I am In room 23 at pt England school I am Tolati my favourite part is when the was able to get the bully’s to stop bullying people. Have a good day from Tolati at pt England school.

    1. Kia Ora Tolati

      I’m glad you enjoyed the film. Your film was good too. It looks like you learned a lot.

      Mr Wong

  2. Hi Panmure bridge.My name is Adnan and I am from room 23 at Pt England school.I love Pokémon.How is David strong and huge? My favourite part was when they work out.
    From Adnan at Pt England school

    1. Hello Adnan

      David is a big strong boy, isn’t he?! I think he has tall genetics and enough food and sleep to help him grow a lot. Do you think you’ll become tall?

      Thank you for your comment.

      Mr Wong

  3. Hi Panmure bridge My name is Mariposa From Pt england school I love how no bullying in your school I love how Riley evolved to David Riley lost his match he never gave up he was doing some work he tried his best keep up the good work Paumure bidge.

    1. Hello Mariposa

      Thank you for the message. There was actually not supposed to be a theme about bullying. I’m glad you spotted the message about hard work, though!

      Mr Wong

  4. Kia Ora LS1,

    What a great movie you have created. Well done for being brave enough to incorporate a topic that many feel is taboo and we shouldn’t speak about. Lots of people are scared to talk about it as they think it reflects badly on the school, students or teachers…but as you have proved that is rubbish, and creative licence shouldn’t be limited!!!!
    You have used a great form of movie pioneer-ship to showcase some thoughts on the topic in a creative way. Some great innovations on film production as well.
    It’s good to see the hours of playing with those pesky pokemon cards have come in useful for a learning activity.

    Kia pai to ra

    1. お久しぶり Mr Ogilvie

      Thank you for your encouragement and support. As you know, it is a proud tradition for LS1 to push the boundaries of what is – shall we say, “socially acceptable”? This time though, that was an accident (see my reply to Miss Carruthers’s comment). A different boundary was the initial goal, haha.

      You’re right about discussing topics that need to be discussed of course. Hiding things away causes problems. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

      Mr Wong

  5. Kia Ora Panmure Bridge School LS1,
    My name is Jamie from Saint Patrick’s School in Room 8. I really like your parody of Pokemon and BeyBlade combined because it was funny and you used some of the common tropes in the cartoon. My feedback for you is to edit your video and add effects when something happens for example when Riley evolves. Anyways, great film!

    1. Kia Ora Jamie

      Thanks for your comment and feedback. I would love to have used more effects, but to be honest, we were running very late with our schedule. This edit was the best we could do in the time we had. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Mr Wong

  6. Kia ora Hi my name is Samuel from Pt England school I really liked your movie and tell Matty Hi from Sam.Nice Movie.

  7. Kia Ora,Talofa and Malolele Panmure Bridge School, My name is Madelyn and i’m from St Patricks School, I watched your film and I love it! The acting is really good, it was really funny and I love it how you combined two popular anime’s together, can’t wait to see your film next year.

    1. Kia Ora Madelyn

      The idea for combining those two anime franchises was a tricky one, but it let us make lots of jokes.

      Thank you for your support. We look forward to entertaining you next year as well. In the meantime, you could check out LS1’s past films. Most of those are comedies too.

      Mr Wong

  8. Kia Ora, Panmure Bridge School! My name is Laura and this is by far the best Manaiakalani film I’ve ever seen! Keep up the good work 👍I LOVE YOUR CONTENT BECAUSE IT IS HILARIOUS AND BRINGS THE JOY

    1. Kia Ora Laura

      I’m glad you found the movie funny. People don’t often understand the jokes that we put in our movies.

      Thank you for the support and I hope we can entertain you next year as well. Oh, if you thought this was funny, check out LS1’s other movies from previous years.

      Mr Wong

  9. Kia Ora Panmure Bridge School LS1
    My name is Sililo from Saint Patrick’s School in Room 7. I liked your movie about Pokemon, It was really funny when the people were spinning it was so exciting and really great. Keep up the amazing work…

    1. Hello Sililo

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We had to try to get the shot quickly otherwise our actors would have become too dizzy from the spinning!

      Mr Wong

  10. Kamusta my name is Justin from Saint Patrick School, I love how they were getting smacked in the face it made crack up, Keep up the creative work!

    1. Kamusta Justin

      Thank you for your support. Filming the parts where our actors got “hit” or “pushed” was tricky. We had to get the right camera angle to make it look like they were getting hit without actually getting hit. Watching documentaries about how to film Kung Fu movies helped a lot.

      Mr Wong

  11. kia ora my name is Evon from st pats, I love the way you used two famous anime
    and i love the way they got smacked in the face it made me laugh so much keep up the good work!

    1. Hello Evon

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad we could entertain you. Hopefully we can do the same next year.

      Mr Wong

  12. Kia Ora LS1,
    I am Farzana from LS2, I really enjoyed your short film about the PokeBlade. My favourite part was when the training had started in order for Riley to turn into a David. I love how this movie has a moral, don’t bully! What is the highest form of Pokeblade?

    Thank you!
    Keep the great work up.

    1. Hello Farzana

      Thank you for your support and your comment…oh wait.

      As your former teacher, I am dismayed at how similar your comment is to another LS2 student’s comment…

      If you read my blog post, you will have noticed that the movie wasn’t about bullying… or at least it wasn’t supposed to be. That was an accident. I will have to be more careful with proof reading next year.

      Ultimate form??? I’ve heard rumors of a form whose name starts with ‘J’. This form is even bigger and stronger than David. As far as I know, though, they’re only rumors.

      Mr Wong

  13. malo e elel kia ora my name is jacob form stpats.`I enjoyed your movies I loved the way they got smacked in the face keep it up

  14. Talofa Lava Panmure Bridge, My name is Upu and i am from St Patricks School your Pokemon movies was really good and amazing, It was funny i love how your Pokemon’s were spinning around hitting each other your acting was very good especially the Pokemon’s ,

    1. Talofa lava Upu.

      Thank you very much for your comment. We enjoyed making this movie. When the idea of people pretending to be BeyBlades by spinnning came up, everyone was very amused.

      Mr Wong

  15. Hello Panmure Bridge

    My name is Dayne from Pt England School and I am in room 6. My favourite part of the film is when they went training and the other guy turned to my best friend David. He was huge and strong. I enjoyed the part when the bullies came and pushed the kid and he was sick of getting bullied by the girl and the boy. I liked how he was brave enough to say “Mercy, stop bullying me” and he summoned David. I am happy he destroyed them easily and then the bullies got humiliated. Well done on your Pokemon performance.

    From Dayne.

  16. Kia Ora LS1

    I’m Willietony From St Pats, I love the humor in your movie it made me laugh and I love the idea of mixing Pokemon and Bey blade together I like that name. My Feedback is adding effects to make it more funny and effective. Anyway great Job.

    Ma Te Wa


    1. Hello Willietony

      Thank you for your encouragement and feedback. See JamieB’s comment. I replied to that about effects. Check out LS1’s films from previous years for more funny films.

      Mr Wong

  17. Greetings LS1

    What a very fantastic and creative movie you have created. I loved the way you combined 2 addictive aspects and using different ideas on how to create the film. My favourite part of the film is when Riley evovled into David, what a creative way to use the Pokémon franchise.
    How long did it take to create this film?


  18. Kia Ora Learning Space 1,

    This was such an awesome video to watch! This really bought the Pokemon and Bayblade together in such a creative form. I really enjoyed how this showed a lesson that, if you bully someone who isn’t the same level as you, they can evolve over time and become a successful person. How did you get the idea to incorporate the Pokemon and Beyblade together?

    Great work!

  19. Fakalofa lahi atu LS1

    My name is Jaylee from Ls2. I really liked this and enjoyed this movie. The favorite part I liked was when two of the boys had to work hard to stick up to the bullies !.

    Movie was amazing & funny, Keep up the fantastic work LS1!

  20. Talof lava LS1

    Nice work one the short film my favorite part of the film is were kanes says “you evoled into a david nice work a I hope next year you can do it agian and make another good movie

  21. Kia Ora LS1

    What a great and creative short film you have creative. I enjoyed how you have combined 2 enjoyable games to come up with an movie idea. My favourite part was when Riley formed into David by training. It also has a good motto. What is the powerest form in Pokemon?

  22. Hello Ls1
    I realy like how you comband pokemone with blade blades. My favorite part was riley evoled to a david. How hard was it to make this movie? Keep up Ls1.

  23. Kia orana LS1,

    I really liked how you combined two ideas into one to make it better and more etertaining. After the first kid lost I was so eager to know more about the movie. I also liked how he transformed into a better pokeblade. Your movie was so funny😂😂!!!

    Thank you!!

  24. Malo ‘e lelei LS1
    I am Kahu from LS2, I really enjoyed your film it was funny how you and your Beyblade were training. What do yous think is better Pokémon or Beyblades in my opinion I like Pokémon because its a fun activity to battle friends. What about you?

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Kia ora LS1

    I Love this movie I should subscribe to your youtube channel. This was a awesome movie I really like how riley turn into david this is funny😂!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How long did this take to finish.

    This is cool!!

  26. Kia Ora LS1,

    I enjoyed that you combined two ideas together to make an even better idea. It was very more interesting and funny as it went along. It was really creative that you combined Pokemon Beyblades. This is funny😂 !!!!!!!

    How long did it take to film this?

    This is cool!!

  27. Greetings LS1

    What an fantastic film you’ve created. I really liked how you combined to different aspects “Pokemon ” and “Beyblade Burst”. My favourite part is when riley later on after traing envovled into David. Was their any difficulties while filming?

    Kind regards,

  28. Kia Ora LS1,

    My name is Te Raumati from LS2. I really enjoyed the humor that was shown by the students in this film. I really like the reactions of bullies when they see David. Where did you get your idea for this film?

  29. Kia Orana LS1,
    My name is Daniel from Room 7 Saint Patrick’s School. I really loved the idea that you merged Pokemon and Beyblade Burst together. Really FUNNY!!. Love the Movie. Meitaki Korereka LS1.

    P.S. I know your classrom name from all the other comments

    1. Hello Daniel

      Thanks for your comment. If you want to see more funny films, see LS1’s films from previous years.

      Mr Wong

  30. kia ora my name is Eli from Pt England school i Really like how you are coming up with this idea my favriote part was when they got stronger it gave me a meory when i got strong keep up the work.

  31. hi my name is Justin from pt England school and i like the way you guy spoted the bullying and i like the way he and his friend evolved

  32. Hi Learning space 1!. My name is Aaron and i am a year 8 at Pt England School.
    I really loved the creativity in this movie. Especially the idea’s you guys come up with.
    Also bey blade is my child hood anime so thank you guys for bringing back the old times.

    -Aaron room 4 Pt England School

  33. HI, Panmure bridge my name is Malynda and I really liked your movie. This movie reminds me of the game pokemon go. Was the movie about teaching students to not bully anymore? I love how the pokeblade evolved to defeat the bullies.

  34. Greetings Panmure bridge my name is Ariah i am from room 10 at pt England school i loved the way that you guys were having a Pokemon battle . It is was really funny that when David was just spinning around and just knocked out the two boys in one go . How did you guys come with the ideas .

  35. Hi Learning Space 1,
    I’m Mary, a year 7 from Pt England School. It’s amazing how you guys came up with the idea of combining Pokemon with Beyblade Burst into one! I really like how Learning Space 1 put in a lot of creativity and effort into this movie. To be honest I liked how you added bullies into the movie and telling others not to bully in a different way. What was your favourite Beyblade in the movie? AMAZING job Learning space 1, keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards, Mary

  36. Kia ora Learning Space 1,
    We really enjoyed watching your parody of Pokemon and Beyblades. We liked the part where the students were pretending to fight each other because it was funny. Our class liked the idea of the name Pokeblades too. Please visit our blog to leave us a comment too.
    From Miss Lavakula and her literacy class

  37. Talofa pamnure bridge My Name Is TJ I am 11 years old and I am a year 6 at point England school and your movie was awesome the part I like is when the bullies were Fighting with pokemon and Baybaldies and the bullies said sorry

  38. Hi LS1

    I really liked your movie it was rwally entertaining to watch and i liked the acting not bad. It looked liked this took some time and effort and the quality of the production is just really nice.

    – Salem

  39. Hey guys my name is Raniera and i like your movie because i like pokemon and bey
    blade and when i sow your guys movie i was suprise to see your movie and i like it
    and congratulations that you evolvolev your pokeblade and i wonder what is they last evolvev

  40. Hello LS your movie is amazing I love it !! the Pokemon and blade blade theme is so cool It is so so realistic when they hit but i know they are not hitting each other I still love this It’s my favourite movie so far I love it

    From Tyson 🙂

  41. Hello my name is darren and im from pt england and i really like how You were doing pokeblade it was really cool to watch and keep up the good work

  42. Hola i love your poke blade film i think you should add a bit more music in your video i wonder who came up with the idea and how long it took to make this video Ma Te wa

  43. KIA Ora I am Shyla from Weymouth Primary School.I liked the name Poke Blade and the parody it was funny to me.Maybe next time you can add more effects =D.

  44. Kia ora my name is Malama from glenbrae school. I really like the way you guys defended yourselves from bully’s and their pets. This reminded me of when i got bullied at your school. Next time could you please make a video of people bullying then kids come out randomly telling them to stop. Please also continue to stop bullying other kids. Thank you

    From: Malama at Glenbrae school.

  45. Ki ora Room 23. I really like your funny movie and also how you made some of your PokeBlades evolve.The ripper you guys used reminded me of the one I have at home.I wondered when David hit the person did it hurt that much? From Daniel.T in Room 6 Glen Taylor School.

  46. Hi LS1,I love your film festival that was my favourite one out of all of the filims i watch even everybody like it because they love pokeblade and pokeamon cards but i got a question for you did you like R5’S one ask your whole that.

    Kia Ke Te Ano

  47. Hi LS1 my name is Bake I realy like the film you have made choosing pokemon and bablade was a really good choose. I will ask my pearents if I can have a bablade. mabye next time you could ovole it even more times.

  48. Kamusta Panmure Bridge,
    That PokeBlade was a cool, it even looks like a Pokemon too and then some one got bullied and get payback too so they trained and they were so strong. That was some cool payback.

  49. Kia Ora my name is Shyla and this is a great film,I like the parody of Pokemon x Beyblade.Plus Maybe you could do special effects for another parody

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