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Summarising Template

Original post by Brooke @ Panmure Bridge School

This week I learned about what is summrise and what is keywords.

First I read a book called Goldilocks. I had to talk about why goldilocks go inside the house? For example : Goldilocks went inside the house because when she knocked on the door no one answered so she went inside the house and ate the tiny bowl wiht porriage.

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Rail Transport

The Original post is by Lisea @ Panmure Bridge School

This week I learned about rail transportation.

First I needed to find 3 people to make a group of 4. The people in my group were Ane, Siniva, Jaylee, And Lisea. We needed to go to a table and wait for Miss White to give us a paper to write down what we think a stakeholder is. A stakeholder is when someone gets money for technology. Then we needed technology to get more money.

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The Little Things Matter

The movie we created as a class is based around what got us through Covid Lockdowns. Covid was hard for us all and we needed to find things that helped us get over the boredom and hardships of it all. For some this was activities with their family or by themselves, for others it was devices or objects. All these things/activities made a difference to us during lockdown. They all mattered.

This movie shows the things and activities that helped LS1 get through Covid Lockdown. The Little Things Matter.


Original post by Daniel @ Panmure Bridge School.

This week I learnt about maths week.

First I had to do Monday Daily Dollar where I had to answer some questions.

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Original Post by Siniva

I learnt how to use Coordinates.

First, I learnt what is coordinates and how is wrote. Coordinates is just like a map that shows you where to find the location in the correct place. Coordinates is a table with the numbers on the side and the letters on the bottom and its wrote like this (B,2).

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