Matariki in LS1

In the Term 2 holidays, we celebrated the Matariki holiday.  At the end of Term 2, LS1 students selected a different star to focus on and create a DLO to explain to someone the significance of that specific star.  Here is the Google Slides our students looked through before selecting a task to complete :

Here are some links to our work :

Marcel – Matariki

Loa – Ururangi

Fern – Waiti

Darius – Pohutakawa

Blake – Tupuanuku

Kato – Waita

Amarley – Tupuanuku


4 thoughts on “Matariki in LS1

  1. Kia ora LS1, how wonderful for you to be learning about the Matariki Stars. Do you now know all the names of Matariki? This term our class is learning about Matariki as well. I will be back to visit your blog because I would like to learn more about Matariki too. Have a good day.

  2. Kiorana LS1. I can see you guys doing a matariki post. Thank you for putting up the names of the stars. Now I can remember the names of every star. I like how you use google slides to show the matariki stars and meanings.

  3. Kiorana LS1. I saw you guys doing the Matariki names our class is doing it to. and thank you guys for putting up the Matariki names. If it wasn’t for you guys I still wouldn’t know it have a nice day LS1!.

  4. Well done on this slide LS1. I love the bright colours. Imight do a DLO on Hiwa-i-te rangi.
    Have you used Twinkle for this?

    Have A lovely day

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