Tamaki Cricket Tournament

This blog post was written by Malosi. Click here to visit his blog.  Blake, Vaingalo, Malosi, Eneasi, Easton, Roman and Rekard were selected to represent PBS for the Year 5 & 6 team.

Last week on Wednesday we had inter school cricket, we went there by bus and we were in PE uniforms.
We setted up a camp at a shady spot under a tree, our first game was in twenty minutes and we were to see Sylvia Park school first. We began some stretches and practices to get us warmed up, we were versing Pt. England, Tamaki primary and Ruapotaka. We versed Sylvia Park and won, we said good game and went back to camp.

We had our lunch we packed and then it was another game. We played Tamaki primary. We both had good games, we had lost but that motivated us. We then went back but we just rested otherwise we would get stitches, our team then went to verse PES we had a good game and we lost by one point. We said good game and went back to camp and we ate and got back our energy.

We headed to Ruapotaka and we wanted to win this game, our match was intense and we won. Our team celebrated and we had a good game. Our coach had speeches and we all said something we were grateful for on this day before we packed up.

We headed back to school and followed on our normal day. In the end we lost two and won two.

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