Google Draw Space Scene

Today in our Cybersmart lesson with Mr Goodwin we were learning to use the shape tools in Google Drawings. We created a space scene using different shapes. We created a rocket using a triangle, a rectangle, and a rounded same side corner rectangle, and some explosion shapes. Once we coloured it, it looked like a rocket.

We also used the gradient tool to create interesting looking planets. Check them out.

2 thoughts on “Google Draw Space Scene

  1. Malo lava le soifua maua LS1! I love the graphics you have created here. I appreciate how you have explained the different things you learned and completed to finish with these colourful rockets and explosions! I wonder if you will get the change with Miss Tele’a to animate these static images. Looking forward to visiting your blog again soon.

  2. Hi! We love the colorful rockets you made using shapes. we also love the planets they are really pretty too. have you tried making it into a animation?

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