Month: May 2024

Paranormal Day

Today is International Paranormal Day which has to do with paranormal refers to things like telekinesis or clairvoyance that science can’t fully explain.  For an early finisher task we could write a short horror story that includes or refers to some type of paranormal activity.  Here is Darius‘ work :


This blog post was written by Jenesis.  Click here to visit his blog.

Wednesday week nine the entirety of the volleyball team I was in the year 5 and 6 team and this was all the team me (Jenesis), Ahea, Vaingalo, Loa and Eneasi and also my mum came.  Anyway we went to the volleyball interschools which was held at the Bruce Pulman park which was huge. It had volleyball set ups, netball set ups and even basketball setups you could play tons of sports at this specific place.

Next we had to actually play which was super scary for me since I’ve never actually played against another team before so this was a new experience for me and probably all my teammates and we had only five players and we had no subs.

After that we had to face the first team. It was really scary since there was the thought of us losing. It was really down putting for me. I don’t know about my teammates though. Anyway we ended up winning that game. It was so cool we celebrated and we went to the next game.

This second game was really fun since I was feeling really good after that first victory so we went on to finish that game and me (Jenesis), Eneasi, Vaingalo, Ahea and Loa emerged victorious once again which was really exciting.  We ended up going undefeated through the tournament.

‘Gravity’ according to LS1

LI : Understand that objects are pulled towards the Earth due to gravity.
LI : Understand that gravity affects the motion of objects.

This term our Inquiry topic is “Make It Work.” This has to do with different forces and making things like machines work. Our focus is on mechanical toys. We have started Inquiry this term by learning about forces. The first force we have learnt about is Gravity. In our table groups, we had to work together to research and answer the questions on this presentation.