Volcano Research Projects

Kia ora! Welcome to LS1’s exploration of volcanoes! 🌋🔥 Check out our students’ Digital Learning Objects (DLOs) – animations, videos, posters, and more – presenting their research on volcanoes in creative ways.  If you click on a student’s name, it will take you to their own Edublog.

Presentation by Kane, Daniel and Semi

Animation by Tuteao and Kato.

Presentation by Valencia and Amarley.

Animation by Cattaleya and Amanda-Rose.

Infographic by Angie, Hasna and Amanda-Rose.

6 thoughts on “Volcano Research Projects

  1. Hi there LS1. I LOVE how you did the animations. The volcanos you drew look soooo cool. Hope you have a great day

  2. Kia ora LS1. How wonderful for you to learn about volcanoes. I really like how you used google slides to present the volcanoes. Are you guys thinking of learning more about volcanoes? I’ll be back to learn about volcanoes. Have a good day.

  3. Malo e lelei LS1. I enjoyed reading your information and animation about the biggest volcano. It was very sad to learn from your post that one volcano killed 92,000 people. Keep up the good work. I hope we all stay safe from volcanoes.

  4. Kia ora its is great to learn about volcanoes. I love your drawings and animations. It helps me to understand how a volcano erupts. Keep the great drawing and writing!

  5. Kia ora LS1. Awesome work about volcanoes.The exploding volcano looked great. Do you know if you live near a dormant volcano? Keep up the good work.

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