Vaiaso O Le Gagana Samoa

This year for Samoan Language Week, LS1 were set the challenge of researching different aspects of Samoan culture, and presenting what they learnt in Google Slides.  This is a combination of our individual presentations.  We especially enjoyed getting to choose which aspect to research.

One thought on “Vaiaso O Le Gagana Samoa

  1. Malo lava LS1! Oka oka se tele o mea tåua ua tou iloa! Wow you have learned so many important facts about Samoa, it’s people and the land. I hope will have the chance to experience some of the things you have researched here (if you haven’t already!). Keep up the great work LS1. Manuia lava le malologa. (Have a great and safe holiday!). Mrs Tele’a and Room 8 of Otahuhu Primary School.

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